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Check this out - it's what we've been doing in our Barn. We wanted to make some really vibey live recordings, and get together regularly with singers, songwriters and other musicians to record some tracks - generally in an evening - and put them on this site. Yes, it's mostly all live and no, it doesn't sound glossy like stuff you would hear on mainstream radio. You probably won't hear this on any radio; but we think it's ace - it's what we want to listen to, and it's what we want to play.

You can't buy it from anywhere else either. You won't stream it from Spotify - you won't download it from iTunes. Partly because they haven't offered - but mostly because it's not what we want to do. It's too lo-fi and too special in equal measure.


This Is The Way To The Moon
First collection from Henhouse of children's music that parents can love too (CD and download) featuring:
  • Hop Little Bunnies
  • 5 Little Monkeys
  • Big Cuddly Pig
  • Chinchilla
  • Just One More
  • I Like Making Up Words
  • All The Birds In The Yard
  • Shapes
  • Fart In The Bath
  • Snap
  • Where are the Monsters?
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs
  • This is the Way To The Moon
  • Twinkle Twinkle

  Echoes in the Well
The Taming of a Modern Man
Echoes in the Well's new album!
  Echoes in the Well
All Shall Be Well
Echoes in the Well are a unique acoustic four-some of wooden objects, strings, wit and irony. Their first album "All Shall Be Well" was recorded completely live, as you hear it, in the Barn. Exciting, dynamic, lyrical and unpredictable, this is folk music made as it once was, and always should be; great musicians playing together, inspired by each other's energy and the sound they create.
  Emily Winng
Fingers Crossed and Love Song
Emily Winng is one quarter of Sargasso Trio going solo-ish for a while. Fingers Crossed and Love Song is a "double A side" of heartache, revenge, longing and some bloody bad language. Throw in some latin vibes and a "stop you in your tracks" voice, and you have two tracks of sublime brilliance.
  Milly Hirst
A 6-track Mini Album from one of the finest Folk singers we know. Recorded completely live in just one day with our in-house band, 'Equator' is a thing of beauty, start to finish.
  James Eliot Taylor
What Went Wrong
A lyrical and downbeat 8-track Alt. Country album from the brilliant and reclusive James Eliot Taylor. 'What Went Wrong' was recorded completely live in our barn over three evenings and is presented here as it was performed, with no edits or overdubs.

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